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What are mentors?

Mentors are TAMU faculty, staff, and administrators who volunteer extra office hours to make themselves available to students who just want to talk to someone. We currently have about 200 mentors on campus.

What do mentors do?

  • Mentors advise students in their area of experience and competence.
  • Mentors stay informed about current TAMU services so they can act as effective referral sources to students whose problems are outside the Mentor’s expertise.
  • Mentors provide a caring, nonjudgmental ear when a student just needs to talk.
  • Mentors provide a smile, a helping hand, and eagerness to serve as stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks – these are the nuts and bolts of Mentoring.

(The Mentors program does not attempt to replace or substitute for the programs provided by departmental advisers, the Student Counseling Service, and the many other valuable student services available at TAMU. On the contrary, Mentors work hand-in-hand with all of these services, helping students to locate and use them.)

Why was Mentors created?
The Mentors Program was established in 1979, when the University was undergoing tremendous growth. At that time, a small group of concerned faculty noticed a fast-growing campus, with its accompanying growth in bureaucracy, was leaving some students feeling isolated and overwhelmed. They organized to form Mentors, and today Mentors continue to assist by listening and helping each student feel part of the Aggie community.

How is the Mentors program funded?
The Mentors program is funded primarily through donations and a presidential endowment fund. The Department of Student Life funds the Mentors Coordinator position which is the person primarily in charge of day to day tasks and planning major events (Office of New Student and Family Programs, Department of Student Life). All members of Mentors are volunteers. The Mentors program depends solely on contributions for its operating budget. With the donations and support of others, the program has been able to increase its visibility among students through its webpage, advertising, publicity and personal contacts. Each year more students and parents are utilizing Mentors as willing listeners and informed helpers.

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